Monday, September 30, 2013

What Are Deposition Summary Services And Why To Outsource Summarization To A Professional?

Depositions are crucial for lawyers and legal firms. A deposition is also known by other names like testimony or confession or statement. Depositions are usually taken verbally by interviewing the criminals or witnesses who are referred to as deponent in the legal terms. The attorney questions the deponent while a court reporter records the evidences. The recorded statement is a very large volume of data which needs to be summarized so that the attorney can interpret and use it. Legal process outsourcing firms offer expert deposition summary services at cost effective rates. Availing professional services ascertain a smoother workflow by providing accurate deposition summaries in the fastest turnaround time. The array of cases covered by deposition summaries are: 

> Violation or breach of a contract
>  Any kind of malpractice
>  Personal injuries
>  Sexual harassment
>  Termination on wrong/unfair grounds
>  Patent breach or violation

Depositions can sometimes be of hundred or more pages and even the smallest part can’t be ignored. Individuals working on deposition summarization provide references with context to specific page numbers. This maintains a flow and saves the time of the reviewer. Summarizing testimonies is a very lengthy and time consuming process. Attorneys and legal firms who deal with several cases simultaneously hugely benefit from legal support service providers to clear their backlog and unburden them. Outsourcing to legal outsourcing companies who work on a per-page billing system can save the client a huge amount of money. Deposition summary has become one of the most popular and frequently asked for service in the past few years. 

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Deposition Summary Services
 Tips to keep in mind before outsourcing deposition summary work to a legal support company:
The company should -
1. Go through the deposition thoroughly and extensively
2. Extract the relevant facts
3. Categorize and separate the important information and discard the   irrelevant facts
4. Highlight the important facts and details
5. Place the relevant facts and information in a summarized transcript

6. Summarize the deposition
7. Review and add information/make changes (if required)
8. Hand over the final deposition summary to the client

Benefits of outsourcing deposition summary requirements to a professional deposition summaries service provider: 

1. Faster summaries ease the work flow
2. Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring a full time associate or paralegal to do the job
3. Unbiased summary with keen attention to relevant details
4. Deposition summaries help the attorneys and others concerned with the case to review the   information quickly
5. Outsourcing firms have staff and other resources to finish the job accurately and rapidly

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