Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outsourcing Legal Drafting Work to Professionals

Availing of legal drafting services by businesses and organizations which frequently require and use any type of of legal documents like employment contracts, sale or purchase agreements or leases and contracts often proves to be a very intelligent business decision. Most companies do not have a dedicated legal department and try to draft the documents themselves which either takes up a lot of time or may leave errors causing disastrous consequences. Using professional and expert drafting services assures that your work will be done accurately and in lesser time. 

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Legal Drafting Services
Usually, big law firms and local solicitors do not specialize in drafting work and those who do often charge an insane amount, one of the best options is to outsource drafting requirements to an offshore service provider. Some websites also provide free software or tools for certain drafting requirements but they are usually not 100% accurate. While, some other websites have large databases of free legal documents which can be downloaded and printed and then the users can make the necessary changes or fill the blank sections as per requirement but these methods are only a solution for simple and generic documents.  

Legal drafting is a time consuming process which requires extra attention to detail to produce error free impeccable documents. Legal drafting process covers editing, proofreading, copy editing documents and checking for mistakes and errors in pre-drafted documents then re-drafting them as required. Lawyers, judges and other legal personnel dealing with unique or complex documents prefer outsourcing their drafting working to professional service providers for their peace of mind. 

With extensive hands on experience outsourcing firms provide tailor made solutions at competitive prices with fast turnaround time. These firms can often work faster than a solicitor as they are already familiar with the area of law and do not need to do an extensive research in order to do the job.

Legal drafting services offered by outsourcing companies:
  • Preparing of summons and deposition notices
  • Drafting of deposition questions and outlines
  • Drafting of stipulations and motions
  • Writing memorandums of law
  • Making interrogatories
  • Reading, reviewing, consolidating, indexing and organizing legal documents
  • Analyzing and preparing responses
  • Drafting letters as per the client’s instructions
  • Drafting letters of negotiation and settlement agreements
  • Drafting, re-drafting and proofreading of intellectual property documents
  • Drafting discovery documents
  • Drafting briefs and legal memoranda

Companies providing professional and expert legal drafting services are experienced and proficient in providing tailor made solutions for different requirements of different clients.
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