Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chief Benefits of Hiring a Legal Process Outsourcing Company

Legal process outsourcing companies are turning out to be hugely beneficial for big law firms and in-house legal departments of multi-national companies. The success of outsourcing can be accredited to their cost effective solutions provided in fast turnaround time. With time, small and medium sized companies have also started outsourcing legal research, legal drafting, lease and contract abstraction, document reviewing, patent services, paralegal and litigation support, legal transcription and legal typing, digitization and document conversion and other such assignments to offshore service providers.

Outsourcing to LPO companies often turns out to be a good business decision, as it gives the client more time to concentrate on other core activities. All businesses want to streamline and secure their paperwork, which becomes even more crucial for the legal sector which has to deal with files, affidavits and several other legal documents day in and day out. 

Types of legal tasks which are commonly outsourced to LPO’s - 

1. Legal Research and Contract Management Legal Research, Legal Drafting, Contract Abstraction, Lease Abstraction, Deposition Summary Services

2. E-Discovery and Paralegal – Electronic Document Management, E-Discovery Process, Due Diligence and Compliance, Paralegal/Litigation SupportServices

3. Legal Transcription and Digitization – Legal Transcription and Legal Typing, Digitization/Document Conversion, Virtual Legal Assistant Services

4. Intellectual Property – Patent Services, Trademark and Copyright Services

Legal outsourcing companies are experienced and very quick at delivering research information and drafting or abstraction assignments. They have a workforce comprising of law graduates and legal researchers who are proficient and well-informed about the national / state/ international laws and they work round the clock to offer superior quality legal services to their clients all across the globe. By outsourcing the companies enjoy a major benefit of saving time, money and labor.

The significant benefits of hiring a legal process outsourcing company -

 • Outsourcing enhances efficiency and productivity by resourcefully handling time consuming and tedious tasks.

 • Reduces client’s workload and management headaches.

 • Flexibility of hiring the staff anytime and for as much time as required.

 • Ensures better cataloguing and filing of legal documents.

 • Outsourcing reduces infrastructural investment for the client.

 • It shortens turnaround time and fastens the work flow.

 • Outsourcing reduces costs.

 • Encrypted and secure file transfers via any medium as preferred by the customer.

 • Eliminates the need for hiring workforce or hiring a full time lawyer.

 • Outsourcing companies provide a supervisor to oversee your assignment till its final delivery.

 • 24/7 customer service to resolve any queries or to provide updates on the progress of your assignment.

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