Sunday, October 20, 2013

Avail Cost Effective E-Discovery Services from Professional LPOs

Information Technology and digitization is changing and simplifying the way lawyers work. One of the specialized services offered by legal support service providers is E-Discovery. With the huge volumes of information and documents being stored electronically, management and retrieval of information has also become crucial. E-Discovery services efficiently retrieve and consolidate the relevant data and legal documents to be used as evidence by attorneys.

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Legal proceedings require information which needs to be extracted from tons of data and courts demand supporting documents, these tasks are very crucial, time consuming and require complete concentration. LPO’s are transforming the way solicitors, legal firms and corporate legal departments are managing their legal data and documents by providing highly affordable services like categorizing, gathering, filtering, handling, and producing the litigation data. E-Discovery specialists are helping litigants manage, analyze, draft and produce the necessary requests, disclosers, interrogations and depositions.  They don’t just help manage the documents received but also the documents produced during the legal discovery process.

E-Discovery services can be categorized further in 3 steps –
     1.       Data processing: E-Discovery services are required to process online data which is usually available in the form of text, website pages, blogs, emails, audio files and video files etc. at real time speed. It also includes scanning the hard copies of documents.

     2.       Data collection, preservation and identification: It includes collecting information using online sources about the people with whom you will engage with during the litigation process or in the court. This data is collected using E-Discovery services. The next step is the preservation of the collected data and then comes sorting the useful information from the collected data, which is known as data identification.

     3.    Data analysis and filtering: Lastly, the preserved and sorted data is analyzed and filtered to reach the appropriate results/solutions. 

Benefits of availing E-Discovery services from Legal Process Outsourcing Companies – 

     ·        E-Discovery services help in analyzing large volumes of electronic data for effective and quick case assessment. LPO’s also provide comprehensive data metrics which allows accurate approximation of time lines and budgets. 

     · Availing these solutions helps law firms develop suitable case strategies.
·         E-Discovery solutions can help law firms gain useful insights into the case facts and identify potential documents and information.

     · Electronic discovery software does not require the lawyers to manually review huge volumes of documents. These solutions help present the results faster using web-based applications, thereby further reducing time and overall costs.

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