Monday, October 14, 2013

What Are The Benefits Of Availing Affordable Deposition Summary Services?

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Deposition Summary Services
A deposition is also known by other names such as a testimony, confession or a statement. A deposition is usually taken verbally by interviewing the witnesses or the criminals, also known as deponents in the legal terms. The solicitor questions the deponent as the court reporter records their statements and evidences. A deposition can sometimes be as long as 100 pages and such large volume of data needs to summarized by a professional so that the solicitor can interpret it and use it. Deposition summaries are used in innumerous cases such as civil cases, medical malpractice, personal injury, construction to employment, insurance, patent infringement, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, breach of contract, trusts and estates, and the intellectual property.

Deposition summaries serve as a key document for the preparation a trial, they make it easier for the lawyers to access the required information/detail quickly and easily. A flaw less summary is the one which does not evaluate but summarizes the testimony after a thorough review and reading by a team of experts.

Let us discuss some of the vital benefits of availing expert deposition summary services from an experienced legal process outsourcing firm.  

1. Legal support service providers have professionals who are expert in litigation matters as well as have excellent spoken and written English skills. Experts from reputed LPO’s are thorough with state/national/international laws and legislation procedures.

2. Outsourcing deposition summaries can save legal firms and independent solicitors a lot of time, which they can spend on meeting new clients and other core activities.

3. Outsourced legal transcriptionists work with great speed and efficiency and are trained to draft and summarize a well-articulated synopsis in the quickest turn-around time.

4. Hiring a full-time legal personnel (an attorney or a legal associate) is often very expensive whereas offshore companies also have the provision of providing services at an hourly or pay per page rate.

5. Legal process outsourcing firms work round the clock to provide the most accurate and appropriate solutions to their clients. Availing professional deposition summary services saves senior advocates significant time as these documents present the relevant facts in condensed format.

6. Another vital advantage of availing deposition summary services from a professional is his knowledge and experience. Legal transcriptionists have thorough knowledge about their job whereas a layman may miss a crucial detail during the summarization process, which can adversely affect the case.

7. Legal process outsourcing firms have state-of-the-art technology, world-class infrastructure and abundant manpower to provide customized services as per the requirement and budget of their customers. They provide global standard services in the most economic prices.

8. Having an efficient support staff increases the efficiency of lawyers and smoothens their work flow and decision making process.

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