Monday, November 4, 2013

What Are Document Review Services and Why Hire A Professional for Document Reviewing?

Legal firms as well as individual solicitors repeatedly require fast and effective Paper Evaluation Solutions and E-Discovery Solutions. With digitization most of the paper work and information has gone digital and with the vast amount of information Document Review Services are becoming an essentiality in the area of electronic discovery. Even by the US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure FRCP 26(f), discovery plan has become a necessity. Under this federal rule, the parties involved in the case have to decide a recourse for reviewing and producing the relevant information stored electronically.

In simple terms document review means to review/ scrutinize/ examine or check several hundred documents to identify the documents which are most relevant and responsive to the facts of the concerned case. A second or a follow up stage to this step is to identify the documents which are privileged and should be withheld from production and redacted for content.

The process of document review is expensive and time consuming due to the enormous amount of information to be reviewed. Document reviewing takes up a major percentage of the total litigation costs. One way to avoid such high costs is by reducing the amount of data that needs to be reviewed by collecting and processing the data prudently. This is done by scraping and filtering the data by keyword searches, file filtering and de-duplication, etc. Another way to reduce the costs is by reducing the time involved in reviewing the documents.

The above is possible either by hiring an in-house reviewer or you can delegate your requirements to an LPO. By hiring an expert you can not only save on time but also cut down on your costs drastically.

Let us discuss some of the benefits of availing professional and expert document review services:

      ·    Legal process outsourcing firms offer customized services which can be modified to meet the specific needs and requirements of customers.

      ·    Professionals handle the development and management of the entire review process to reduce the headache of the client and allowing them more time to invest in other core activities.

      ·    Highly qualified experts ensure the best quality results and work round the clock to ensure speed and accuracy.

      ·    Some outsourcing firms also offer per unit pricing, which means the client has to pay the provider per page price to process, review and present the documents.

      ·    A dedicated team is assigned to each project along with a dedicated supervisor to update the client regularly.

      ·   LPO’s work with latest technology and software to provide the most appropriate and accurate results in the fastest possible time.

      ·   Reliable and competent LPO’s offer a wide range of legal services, the client can outsource all their legal requirements to just one service provider instead of hiring multiple service providers.

      ·   Professional document review service providers assure 100% security and confidentiality of documents. 
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