Monday, May 7, 2012

Extensive Legal Research Integral for Regulatory Compliance

Global business operations are characterized with highly integral issue of regulatory compliance and an ever increasing number of regulations being amended and promulgated by the regional jurisdictions around the world. For a business firm to be functional all across the globe requires extensive legal and regulatory compliance research and monitoring in multiple jurisdictions. Due diligence and compliance research involves analyzing business transactions that involve sale and purchase of products or services, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships of corporate entities, etc.

Conducting financial or monetary transactions with an entity/individual/country that is on federally recognized watch lists can pose serious risk / threat to organizations, especially in the financial services sector and in controlled goods space. There are harsh penalties for violating the regulations such as fines, imprisonment, restrictions on business activities, damage to personal and corporate reputation. To avoid being inflicted any harsh penalties apposite due diligence and compliance measures are required to not only prevent violations but also protect organizations, executives and individuals as a whole.

Whether you want to set up a new business or have any existing business there are strict regulatory measures that each business needs to comply with. Most of these regulatory reform measures have been implemented by various countries of the world to ensure that a proper and systematic check can be maintained on fraudulent activities and terrorist financing.

All these efforts by governments of the world to implement Regulatory Compliance in different industry sectors have generated in the wake of a major crisis. Post 9/11 incident it has become imperative for each country to have strict Anti-Money Laundering regulations in place. Post the Enron debacle, SEC Compliance became a pre-requisite for each company involved in the sale of securities.

Ensuring that you are in compliance with the right set of regulatory measures requires a very careful perusal of the available information, sifting the same to see where in your business needs fit. Research of the applicable regulatory reforms can become a lengthy process requiring attention to detail with considerable consumption of time.

Due diligence and compliance research for setting up a new financial and monetary transactions related business all across the globe is furthermore extensive and exhaustive. It not only needs screening and scanning of lengthy regulatory reforms to ensure that the business meets with the applicable regulatory requirements but also assimilating the research outcomes into defined parameters of licensing requirements, applicability, exemptions, fee, cost, security bonds etc. This can become a highly time consuming as well as labor intensive task for an organization which also leads to mounting administrative costs. Considering this and many other complications involved it is imperative to take support of legal outsourcing agency that provides robust and cost effective compliance and regulatory research and automation solutions.

SunLexis offers its clients from all across the globe a comprehensive suite of legal outsourcing compliance services that is cost-effective yet ensures that accuracy is maintained. The company helps its clients gain control and visibility over their compliance related matters and processes to ensure that their policies and procedures are in compliance with the rules and regulations which are formulated by various regulatory authorities in different countries of operations and trade. The company has a highly experienced team of specialist researchers with background in conducting compliance research and assessing the burden of regulation on businesses.
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