Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Deposition Summaries for Articulated Litigation

Deposition Summaries are the summarized transcripts that contain precise representation of all sorts of developments, facts, testimony etc. presented in complete sentences with appropriate line/page references in client preferred format. For its essence and importance across all stages of litigation, Deposition Summaries hold primary importance and thus require both litigation expertise and strong synopsis writing skills to draft comprehensive summaries. Amongst the obvious advantages of outsourcing deposition summary work to an outsourcing agency reduced costs, intense discovery and speedier litigation are the obvious ones.

Further progressed by American Bar Association – ABA, National Court Reports Association and State & Local Bar Associations, the three primary bodies having significant effect on legal outsourcing Industry in United States of America, outsourcing deposition summary work not only helps incur substantial savings but creates value for law firms, insurance companies, reporting companies and legal vendors. According to them deposition summary creation is administrative legal work and is absolutely safe to outsource to a third party vendor. From being summarized into full sentences, to carrying page by page description to subjective synopsis, deposition summaries can be crafted / presented in myriad formats, depending on the case requirements and client specifications.

At SunLexis, our lawyers and paralegal associates have been addressing depositions and other requirements of insurance companies, litigation counsel, law firms, and corporate counsel for over seven years now. From corporate, consumer, construction, civil rights, criminal, environmental, finance, family, personal injury, tax, real estate, social security to consumer issues, our trained and proficient attorneys can handle any sort of requirements.
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