Thursday, June 9, 2011

Legal Process Outsourcing

SunLexis, the legal process outsourcing company based in India, New Delhi, has been providing comprehensive litigation support and legal outsourcing services to law firms and international corporations.


SunLexis team consists well-qualified lawyers, SMEs, Coders and Document Specialists. They possess highest degrees in law and are well-conversant with the technicalities of multiple jurisdictions – be it UK, US based Common Law System or Civil Law System prevalent in most Western European Countries.
Our seasoned team of senior attorneys, litigation support staff and IT professionals provide high-quality consulting and paralegal support to all sized law firms and corporations. They have extensive database of Forms / Precedents at their disposal which are tailored to meet client requirements precisely.
Our lawyers keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the legal world. This ensures that they are on track from the very first step and deliver work that meets clients’ requirements precisely.


We combine our subject matter expertise with the best breed of technology to ensure a prolific outsourcing experience. Complying with the international standards, we are equipped with advanced technologies, equipments and processes. With:

• Total carpeted area of 20,000 sq feet
• 350 work stations with latest Intel processors
• EPABX, VoIP and Conferencing bridges for speedy communication
• High speed – high resolution scanners
• Round the clock power back up and supply

Why outsource Litigation Support Services to SunLexis?

At SunLexis, we realize that we are an extension of your business; therefore we put meticulous efforts in providing productive solutions. We have designed our processes to achieve measurable performance at each stage.

• Extensive Knowledge in the Domain
Our Solicitors & SMEs bring along in-depth knowledge in the legal domain and deliver most efficient services that meet the clients’ objectives.

• State-of-the-Art Technology
SunLexis is supported by automated, state-of-the-art technologies for speedy work in progress. Our systems enable us to capture our clients’ information, requests with multiple levels of prioritization to streamline the quickest possible completion of service request.

• Wide Range of Services
Our services can be tailored to meet the specific requirement of each client. We offer a wide range of legal services such as paralegal services, litigation support, intellectual property services, case digest preparation and many more legal administrative services.

Advantage of Economy to Scale
SunLexis offers advantage of cost-effectiveness by delivering qualitative services at extremely low price.

• Time Zone Advantage
Due to the difference in time zone between most western countries and India, our clients have their work delivered the next day they come to office.

• Complete Data Security
International standards of data privacy followed including Encrypted information transfer.
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